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While waiting for my appointment I observed one of the staff assist an elder lady with her paper work. That experience alone was all I needed to confirm that this is the right place for me. The staff person was amazingly patient and helpful. I was deeply touched. As for my procedure and subsequent follow up, I was GREATLY appreciative. Dr. Allen AND his staff that I had dealings with are an excellent example of what health care professionals should be and can be. I strive to be realistic in all things, and honest. At my age (62) I'm fairly sure I will need treatment again...... This is where I will return.

-Cliff S. 

I haven't met such a great doctor that care's for his patients in such a long time. Caring doctors are very hard to come across now days. The service Dr Allen and his staff provided was great! Thank you so much!

-Navi C.

I am a dentist who often refers patients to Dr. Allen, based on my patient's enthusiastic reports and positive experience, and so when I needed an extracton and bone graft (yes even dentists need dental work) I chose Dr. Allen. My experience, like my patients was overwhelmingly positive--plus I know what to look for in office communication, cleanliness etc. You could not choose better than Dr. Allen


I was referred to Dr. Allen by my regular dentist and upon arrival at Dr. Allen's office I was treated as a person my concerns were addressed and all his staff were educated in this speciality field and very compassionate to my needs. Dr. Allen you and your staff are absolutely FABULOUS!!! Thank you for the excellent care you gave me.

-Kent W.